Christmas In September

Thursday, September 20, 2007

The other night, I had to go to WalMart for some cat food. I was searching for a product that seems to have been discontinued, concentrating on the various packages, hoping the correct label would jump out at me.  Jabbing through my concentration, I thought I heard tinny sounding Christmas carols. I assumed it was someone’s cell phone. But, I kept hearing it. I love the cats, but are they worth losing my sanity? I kept hearing it & then I came around the aisle & there it was – – – an aisle long Christmas display!!!

Ok, I admit I over-react every year & at least it’s September & not July 9th (the earliest I’ve ever seen Christmas goods for sale), but  COME ON!  Why can’t they at least wait until the beginning of November, since the day after Thanksgiving seems to be too late? Esp. annoying to me is that WalMart, Target, Home Depot, etc. take out their gardening departments to put the Christmas stuff in. If I was in a Northern clime, it would be no biggie. However, in the South (Coastal South, anyway) Autumn is the beginning of our gardening season, so to have the gardening departments disappear is irksome.

As long as I’m ranting, I’ll expand a bit & complain about dept. stores’ “seasons” in general. Way back in the dark ages when dinosaurs walked, you could go to the store in the winter & buy a winter coat. Or, go in the summer & buy a bathing suit. Not now. I guess that made too much sense. I understand that the store buyer has to purchase the merchandise well in advance. Fine. That’s what warehouses are for. Why should the customer be forced to buy out of season?

Example: My stepfather’s birthday is July 5. So, the last week of June 1984, I went to Target to get him a pair of walking shorts (it’s what he wanted). Sorry! No shorts (or bathing suits, or flip flops, or…), but here’s a nice warm jacket you can get him. Um, it’s June, in Houston, & fish are swimming through the air because of the high humidity. I don’t think a “warm jacket” is quite the right thing.

Sorry for the cranks, I’ve been inundated with PCs gone flooey for the last 2 weeks. Maybe I should just start recommending Macs to the clientele.


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Middle aged cat lady, flaming liberal, gardener extrordinaire, I live for the Cubs, & HATE hot weather. Chicagoland native, I WILL RETURN!
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