First Hell, Now High Water

Thursday, August 16, 2007

It’s been in the upper ’90s to low 100s (with heat indices up to 118) for the last 2 weeks. Today, it’s in the low 80s, but flooding over a large chunk of the Houston area (mostly along & East of I-45). Yes, first Hell, now High Water. It isn’t doing much flooding in my immediate neighborhood, but then it rarely does. Go 3 blocks in any direction, & your car will be floating.

As are any number of cars, as seen on the non-stop local news programs. we see this every time there is more than an inch of rain. Houston does not drain well, & we are always warned to not drive through standing water (esp. at the intersections under overpasses), because it’s most likely deeper than you think. And, it always is. And yet, we still see video of some clown who thinks his or her VW Beetle can get through the water, even though there’s a stalled semi in the middle of the road (not exaggerating, happens all the time). When these people are finally rescued, they’re crying & saying they didn’t think the water was all that deep. Helloooo???!!! Sorry, this irritates me every time.

Since this is from  TS Erin (now TD), there is more rain to come, so more flooding. It doesn’t look as if it’s going to hang around as long as Allison did, but Hurricane Dean is expected to make it to the Gulf in the next few days. If the timing is just right, there will be enough pull from the remains of Erin (low pressure) to yank Dean in our direction. Oh, Joy! Oh, Rapture! Oh, well.

Edit in 8-29-07: Well, Erin zipped along to the North & then NE, & did no more damage to Houston. Dean went into Mexico & had just a minor impact on our area by bumping off a high pressure that had taken over after Erin & allowing some rain to get here. Ironically, the flooding from Erin was the last rain for over a week & with the scorching temps we NEEDED that rain from Dean!

Things are back to normal here, with HOT temps, high humidity & the ocassional afternoon rain.

Just waiting for September 1st…..


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