Meet The New Boss…

Friday, October 24, 2008

At the beginning of 2007, I was asked who I would vote for in the 2008 Presidential election (there were already several declared candidates). I said to ask me in a year/year 1/2. I wasn’t going to pay attention to anyone almost 2 years out. And I didn’t.

Back in 2000, I was laughed at when I said my dream ticket would be McCain/Lieberman, either one on top of the ticket. Why did I like them? Because at the time they were both fairly moderate, centrist members of their respective parties, & I was already tired of the demonisation of one’s political opponent – remember, I’m in Texas, where I’d already been through the Rovian antics during GWB’s campaign for Governor against Anne Richards. I foolishly thought a two party ticket would bring back “a modicum of decorum” to Presidential politics & maybe the country could get back on track. Silly me.

Fast forward to 2008, Joe Lieberman lost his Primary bid for Dem. nominee in his Senate re-election bid, became an Independant & is now considered a Republican. McCain is the Rep. candidate for Pres. & Lieberman almost was his running mate. Instead we have Sarah Palin & McCain has turned into some kind of Uber-Republican who can’t say enough nasty things against his opponent. At the beginning of his campaign he proudly announced he voted with Bush 90% of the time, to quell the fears of the Rep. leaders, who thought him a loose cannon. Now he says he’s nothing like Bush.

On the Dem. side, I was all set for Hillary, because I like her & I like her politics. However, I wondered why she kept changing her position on issues according to her audience. C’mon, Hillary, you’re better than that! Well, apparantly not enough voters thought so because Barack Obama became the Democratic nominee. He has picked Joe Biden as his running mate, who – apart from some gaffes – is fairly inoffensive.

When Obama was running for the Senate, I was very happy for him, as the son of an immigrant to have gone so far in the adopted country (as was being reported at the time). It turns out his father is not an immigrant & his mother is from Kansas. Oh, well – good story any way.

When he decided to declare his candidacy for President, my first thought was “Who does this guy think he is, running for Pres. when he was just elected to the Senate?” Yes, I still wonder.

He struck me as a glad-hander, the sort you would expect to be a used car salesman at a fly-by-night car lot. I couldn’t understand why so many people were going ga-ga over him. I, like so many others, toyed with the idea of voting for McCain, even though it would be painful to vote for a Republican. Until Sarah Palin, as I blogged earlier. As well as the vitriol coming from the Republican side. Sorry, I don’t take kindly to hate/fear-mongering. Or lying.

So, Obama it is. Yes, O is eloquent, he has seemingly taken the high road, except for the “guns & religion” comment. Watching the debates I was very impressed with his demeanor, his answers & the fact he was stating positions that I have held for a long time. And he’s not a Republican. He sounds like everything this country needs right now. His charisma has people swooning over him. We NEED to get away from the neo-cons stranglehold/strangulation of this country.

And yet softly, softly in the back of my head I hear…

…Same as the old boss.


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Middle aged cat lady, flaming liberal, gardener extrordinaire, I live for the Cubs, & HATE hot weather. Chicagoland native, I WILL RETURN!
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