Rain, 2 Dead Cats, & A Hurricane

Sunday, August 03, 2008 

I’ll start off with the 2 dead cats. The last of the original back yard cats (the 6 that were dumped here 6 months after we finally found homes for the other 47 cats & kittens that had been dumped here &/or bred here) died last night (Saturday). By the time the 6 were dumped here, we had run out of good cat names, so we started referring to them by what they looked like. She ended up with the unfortunate name of Blotchy Face (she was sort of a grey calico). The others either found new homes on their own, or we found homes for them. After diasappearing for two weeks after we had her fixed (and I don’t blame her), Blotchy Face returned & never left the back yard afterward. Must have been pretty awful, where ever she was for those two weeks.

She preferred to stay outside, although if it was really hot or cold, or pouring buckets, we’d trick her into getting close enough to catch her (by giving her ham – how evil) & put her in the garage with the rest of the garage cats until the extreme weather passed. The garage is heated & cooled, before anyone wonders if we’re nuts.

So, last winter it was supposed to actually drop to the teens, so we brought her in. She was quite content & although we would open the garage door on pleasant days to let everyone come & go as they pleased (until night, when I round them all up & close the door), she pretty much stayed there. She went into the back yard once, but the next morning she was sitting in front of the door waiting to be let in.

A few weeks ago, she started limping & then dropping weight, We didn’t have the money to go to the vet, so we made her as comfortable as possible & got her all her favorite foods (including ham). She ate fine but get getting skinnier until this past week when she quit eating (never a good sign). She also quit drinking. So, I took a fresh dropper & alternately gave her water (which she readily took in & swallowed) and fresh chicken broth (ditto).

I water bathed & “sponge” bathed her & she enjoyed that too. Yesterday I fed her, bathed her & changed the pad she was laying on. Went out several times to give her water & check on her & she was holding her own. Until last evening, when she didn’t prick up her ears or look towards me. I saw she wasn’t breathing & was stiff. She must have gone right after my last visit. It was expected, although I was hoping she *might* recover, even though I knew better. It was late & dark, so we decided to wait until today to bury her.

RAIN! FINALLY! Yes, we finally got a bit of rain today, the first since the whole quarter inch we got out of Hurricane Dolly, almost 2 weeks ago. In that time, it’s been upper 90s to low 100s, so the rain & cloud cover were quite welcome. I was thinking at least one good thing happened this weekend. Silly me.

In between rain bands, we went outside to start digging a grave for Blotchy Face. One of the other outside cats (he HATED being inside!) was lying under the tree. Actually, he was dead. It was really strange, because White Kitty had been on the windowsill eating just two hours earlier. And here he was stiff, covered with flies. He had a puncture wound on his neck & one tooth was hanging off his chin.

I have no idea what happened. I didn’t hear any kind of fight out there & I hear the animals when they just growl at each other. I can only guess he was in a fight in the neighborhood & dragged himself home. I don’t really believe that, because he’s another that never left the yard. He showed up at our front door about 5 years ago & never left.

He was best buddies with Friendly Boy (FB’s sister was Scary One, their mother was Grey Face, Blotchy Face’s sister) & they followed each other around. When one was absent for a time & came back, they’d run to each other & jump in the air & rub foreheads. What was really sweet was they would eat together, with their heads against each other, while they were eating. I fed Friendly Boy this evening & he was looking around for his buddy & crying. I almost lost it then.

So, we dug two graves, in the rain. Came back in & heard my e-mail signal go off. Got several notices from My-Cast. It seems the system in the Gulf that was pronounced a Tropical Depression this afternoon was almost immediately upgraded to a Tropical Storm (Edouard) & there is now a Hurricane Watch (soon to be Warning) for Houston. It’s expected to make landfall here Tuesday morning, unless it speeds up – then sooner.

Such is life.

Edit In Sat. Aug. 9: More “life”, I guess. Two of our other cats have gone missing. One, a Tabby Siamese (with GORGEOUS aqua eyes) that wandered the neighborhood for a year (we all thought he belonged to someone), the last time I saw him was last Sat. night when I was rounding up the gang in the garage & he didn’t want to come in – kept running away from me.

So, I left him out. He wasn’t waiting to be let in the next morning, which was odd. He usually waited for me to open the door so he could come in to eat & drink. Haven’t seen him since. No clue what happened or where he is. I hope someone took him in.

The other is Crystal, a Russian Blue looking cat. He was born here (in the garage, on top of my old couch!) to the sister of Blotchy Face. He’s a mostly indoor cat, but I would let him out once in a while. He always came back within  15 minutes, either clawing at the window screen by my desk, or at the master bedroom window, by Anton’s desk. I’m esp. broken up by this because from the time he was born, he’s been “my” cat, following me around & sleeping at (or on) my feet. I’m still hoping he’ll show up (but don’t really think he will). The last time I saw him was Mon. night, the night before Edouard hit. I was at first thinking someone brought him in so he wouldn’t be out in the Hurricane. If so, I would think he’d be back by now. Praying anyway.

To add to everything, I was asking around the neighborhood a few days ago, & one kid said “no, but there’s a dead cat across the street”. I went over & sho’nuff, a stiff cat covered with flies & maggots eating its face off (yes, disgusting). So much of the face was gone it was unrecognizable. However, it definitely wasn’t Crystal (wrong color) & I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the other one (he had stripes where the “points” are & the dead cat had spots all over his beige coat).

So what the hell is going on around here? That’s far too many dead & missing cats in the space of just a few days. Plus, asking another neighbor last night, she said she hadn’t seen them but two houses on our block have been broken into in the past week. Connected? Probably not, but it’s all just a little too much “life” for me.


Blotchy Face & her son Orange Baby, 2003. He is her last remaining offspring. Black Stripe Baby & Beige Baby (about whom I blogged last year) are gone, too.


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