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Sunday, April 12, 2009

1) Today is Easter Sunday. I awoke feeling very happy. Partly because it’s Easter, but also because it was pouring buckets. I love the rain, I think of it as the life giver. Must be from my years living in cow country (even though I lived in an actual town – we were surrounded by fields of various crops).  With drought affecting so many parts of the US right now, there is added reason for being grateful for the rain.

Later, as the sun was coming out from the clouds, I turned on the news to find out Captain Phillips had been rescued & is unharmed.This is a wonderful thing & I am grateful to the personnel involved.  I’m sorry for the loss of three of the pirates, although I certainly don’t condone their actions. I do understand why they are doing it, with the overfishing of their waters, dumping of toxic wastes at their shores, etc. I would like to know what they have done with the ransoms already paid. Waiting for all the facts to be told.

One other somewhat amazing thing happened today. Some species roses I started from cuttings years ago finally started blooming again, for the first time in 4 or 5 years. I got the cuttings from a former neighbor  about 12 years ago, & they were red in his yard. Here they are white. They’ve  bloomed only twice (and they only bloom once a year). No thorns, no hips, tiny flowers, but enough scent to be able to smell them all the way in the house. I think they may be multiflora as described here (as a weed, lol): http://www.ppws.vt.edu/scott/weed_id/rosmu.htm 

Whatever they are, they smell heavenly & have added to the joy of the day.

2) I am living in Bizarroland. At one of the Chicago the band forums, I’m having some spirited discussions (ok – arguments) with the Republican faithful (where are all the Dems who asked me to return? Hmmmm?). They see nothing wrong with jobs being sent overseas, so long as the US based companies make money. After all, we are giving jobs to the people of the Dominican Republic, Belize, China, Viet Nam, etc. These people turn around & buy these products (yeah, right) & support those US businesses. That’s all that counts. In the next breath (paragraph), they complain about the deadbeats who are skipping out on their mortgages they never should have had & it’s all Jimmy Carter’s fault (the CRA). I’ve tried to point out the connection between fewer jobs, so fewer people here working & mortgage defaults.  Nope, it’s all the poor people  who shouldn’t have taken out mortgages on 6 bedroom homes, when they could barely afford rent.

After that, it’s Jimmy Carter’s fault for making the banks give loans to these people. I’ve also explained the derivatives market basically destroying the economy – nope, it’s just a recession & would have bounced back by now if Obama hadn’t been meddling in the market & trying to nationalize all the businesses.

What’s esp. driving me nuts is the sudden insistance that everything be done by THE CONSTITUTION!!! Um, you mean that “G-D piece of paper”? The one the former occupant so gleefully trashed? Ohhhh, Congress gave the ok for suspension of several rights, so everything’s hunky dory? Too bad the ok was itself unconstitutional. I’ve also been told that every part of the Constitution has been tweaked & I can’t expect everthing to have the same meaning as the writers intended. Except (and you knew this was coming) THE SECOND AMENDMENT!!! The holiest of holies, this may not be tampered with or interpreted to mean anything except that we all are entitled to as many guns as we want, of as many types as we want. Never mind the actual wording states the right to bear arms is to ensure a well regulated militia in defense of the State. Never mind there is nothing in there about hunting, self defense, or the other usual reasons for opposing gun control. What’s esp. bizarre about this is that the Dems/Libs/Progs are the ones usually castigated for wanting to “interpret” the Constitution. I never thought I’d see the day when it’s the Dems/Libs/Progs who want to save the Constitution from the Conservatives.

3) The “Good” Dish Towels. When I was growing up, we weren’t allowed to go in the living room or dining room, except on special occasions (and to dust the furniture). We always thought it was a weird rule, but obeyed it.

Fast forward 30 some years & I’m staying with my mother & stepfather (dad) to take care of my grandmother (and them & the house & the yard, etc.). I’m no longer forbidden any room.

However, there is a drawer full of unused flatware & a stack of unused dish towels, which are off limits to me. I don’t like the flatware, but since I’m using threadbare towels that just push the water around the dishes instead of absorbing so the dishes are dry, I’m a bit miffed (no, no money at the time to buy new). I’m told they are the “good” dish towels for when company comes. My response is anyone who judges us by the dish towels can walk right back out the door. I  swiped a few for the kitchen.

A while later, I was watching a show about the Great Depression & the rebuilding years. When first everyone had to make do with what they had (no matter how shabby) because they had no money for replacements. Later, during & esp. after the war, when money was flowing again, women were buying new stuff for their new suburban homes, to make up for all the years of having to “make do”. That’s when I finally understood why we weren’t allowed in the living room & dining room. No matter what we did to the rest of the house, there would always be 2 rooms that were “nice”. Same thing with the dish towels, wanting to have nice linens out when company came.
So mom, I apologize for all the times I thought you were goofy for those rules. I don’t apologize for using the dish towels. 😀

4) A few words about Menopause: Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
‘Nuff said. : )


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