The Dilemna Dilemma

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Reading an article today, I once again saw “dilemna” misspelled as “dilemma”. I’ve seen quite a bit of this lately & decided to do a little ‘googling’ on the matter. Imagine my shock to have posted at the top of the returns the question “Do you mean dilemma?” Um, no – I mean dilemna.

Too bad for me, that’s not the correct spelling.

So, why do I remember being taught that in school, similar examples given being column, autumn & solemn ? Even more amazing to me is how many returns deal with this same question. Some of us were taught “mn” , others were taught “mm” . An excellent posting & replies concerning this is here:

What I can’t find is any reference as to why any of us were taught the “mn” spelling, since it doesn’t appear to be in any dictionary? Anyone have an idea? Yes, I have too much time on my hands today, lol. I really need to be hauling the garbage out to the curb (15 empty PC cases, the recycling bin & the regular trash), but I don’t feel like it. I also won’t feel like it at 1am, when I usually drag it out. 😛

Another thing that’s been driving me smack up the wall for about a year now is people spelling “loose”  or “loosing” , when they mean “lose” or “losing” . It isn’t limited to any one group of people (like teens vs. geriatrics), so I’m really stumped why this one particular word (ok, two words) is suddenly being misspelled by EVERYONE???  I know it’s not going to affect the fate of nations, but it still makes me nuts. Someone at the link above also makes note of the phenomenon.

Of course, there’s my old stand-by of ” ‘s ” when signifying the plural. I used to try to explain that ” ‘s” indicates the posessive (or part of the contraction for “it is”) & that the plural is either just plain “s” or “es” . Now I just grit my teeth & try to concentrate on the intent of the writer & not pass judgement on the quality of their elementary education (snobby bitch, isn’t she?).

And, thanking my father for this (ooh! look! She started a sentence with “and” !): “Hot Water Heater” . As he beat into our heads in childhood, if the water was already hot, it wouldn’t need to be heated. Therefore, one refers to either a “hot water tank” or a “water heater”.  Not  “hot water heater”.

Language rant over. : )


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