The Progression

or, How One Becomes A Subversive

May 3, 2007

Rod Serling/The Twilight Zone
Take 5
Rocky & Bullwinkle
MAD Magazine
Viet Nam
Flower Power
Robert F. Kennedy
Richard Nixon
The Chicago 8 Conspiracy Trial & seeing the drawings of Bobby Seale gagged & tied to his chair (I was living in the Chicago suburbs at the time, it was a nightly story on the local news).
Mike Royko
Kent State
Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.
The Seventies
The Reagan/Bush years
Clinton’s impeachment for not keeping his pants zipped
Bush II (esp. the 2000 election)
Invasion of Iraq (before “mission accomplished” in Afghanistan – Bin Laden’s still on the loose).

—– Edit in: May 4, 2011. / Sunday, May 1st, President Obama announced Osama bin Laden had been killed by Navy SEALs earlier that day. Some jubilation ensued, the next day “the Right” was alternately praising President BUSH & complaining the operation wasn’t legal. Reminds me of the old MAD Magazine feature “You Can’t Win With A Bigot”. ——-

Actually, it’s only through to Vonnegut that I was molded; everything after has just reinforced my beliefs & mis-trust of authority/ government. But, change is good, no? Throw the bums out!


About pegsiskatzencats

Middle aged cat lady, flaming liberal, gardener extrordinaire, I live for the Cubs, & HATE hot weather. Chicagoland native, I WILL RETURN!
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3 Responses to The Progression

  1. I love your zest for life, Pegs! As you are a gardener, I should have dedicated this one to you:
    A walk down by the lake in Chicago just before it got too warm and with the winter chill on the wind from the water would be pleasant.

    • Nothing seems to want to let me post today. I tried commenting on your blog, but it won’t let me post anon, or choose a profile, or preview without choosing a profile. So, here’s my reply for your blog:

      Glorious gardens, Denis! Also love the stories in between, I’m from cow country myself, even though I never lived on a farm (but across the street from one).

      My own gardens have suffered the last two years, esp. this with the drought & extreme heat. Next year…

      I’m glad you’re still well enough to continue the blog, I always enjoy reading your thoughts. : )

      Hoping this posts, last time I tried it just sat there & then refused me (*sob*).

  2. Thanks, Denis. I would love a trip to the pumpkin farmer’s in Barrington, next town over (after passing through farmland/woodland).

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