Thoughts While Awaiting A Hurricane

Saturday, September 13, 2008 

What the Saffir-Simpson Scale really means:

Cat 1: Oh, no!

Cat 2: Uh, oh….

Cat 3: Ye Gads!

Cat 4: Yikes!


Where is the headline that reads “IKE? YIKES!” ?

Ike was named 11 days ago. It caused all kinds of damage & many deaths in the Carribean. It has been predicted to hit the Texas coast pretty much since it entered the Gulf. There has been wall to wall coverage here for at least 3 days. It was recommended to evacuate the coast 2 days ago, & mandatory evacuation was declared early yesterday morning. So, why are there people waiting to be rescued on Galveston Island? Have they been asleep for the last two weeks?

Think it really wouldn’t be that bad? As of 12:30 this afternoon, 16 people have been rescued & another 150 calls have been recieved, waiting for action. My guess is they thought they could ride the storm out UNTIL the water & sewage was turned off this morning, then decided it might be rather inconvenient. I admit to having uncharitable thoughts regarding the gene pool. I’ll blame them on my banging headache. 😐

Similar thoughts about the clowns walking on the beach with their kids, taking pictures. Piers have already broken up & debris is on the beach – good stuff like busted lumber & rusty nails.

What fun for the kids! Esp. considering that most of the hospitals have evacuated & the one remaining staffed is on lockdown, not taking anyone in for treatment. So, you gonna take the kid with the rusty nail through his foot over the bridge/causeway in Tropical Storm force winds, hoping to find an open hospital? Sheesh.

As always, wondering why reporters think they’re invincible? “EVERYBODY LEAVE! NOW! NO KIDDING! Um, except for us of course”. Now, I enjoy the pix & footage as much as anyone, but have to wonder at people who willingly strand themselves on an island that is predicted to be completely submerged, with a 20 foot wall of water predicted, & no way to escape.

We’ve missed so many hurricanes over the years, this thing is moving so slowly & been around for so long, it’s hard to think it’s actually going to happen. However, it’s been quite breezy all morning & it’s starting to darken outside, so I guess it really is (well, duh!).

I’ll try to edit in as the afternoon progresses. Hoping (praying actually) we don’t lose power at the least & the roof stays put at the most.

Thanks to Linda & Karrie (family) and Brian & Kim (friends) for checking in on me. I really appreciate it. (*mwwwwwaaaaah!*)

Edit in/8:56pm – Well, the darkened sky was a false alarm. Been sunny & breezy all day. Not much going on here – now – but soon to change, I’m sure.

Ike STILL hasn’t made actual landfall, yet, but the wave action/pre-surge has put Galveston Island underwater, & parts of Baytown & Bayou Vista are flooding pretty badly (or would that be pretty good?). They’ve been flooding since mid-afternoon, when Ike was still about 200 miles offshore & not a drop of rain. Just ocean water being pushed ahead of/by the hurricane. Scary to think what’s going to happen when the eyewall finally arrives.

Most of the island is without power, & several inland areas also – 250,000 customers so far. More to come, since the storm winds are barely inland yet. WE should be getting the first of the outer bands within the hour. “They” say it could be 2-10 weeks before service is restored to everyone. NOOOOOOO!!!

I’m about 70 miles inland, so I’m hoping this thing collapses before it gets here (I know it won’t…). I’m “Home” in the screenshot.

Thanks to Kristen (who as a Floridian has been through this a few times) & Sleepy/Eby for their good thoughts & encouragement. And Karrie again, for another note of prayer. (insert kissyface emoticon here). More later, if we still have power.

btw, if anyone is wondering why I didn’t update all day, Anton built a new PC for me last night & after I backed up my old one, I had to get the new one loaded & re-set. Unfortunately, 2 of my drives weren’t showing (turned out to be bad cables) & it’s overheating, so he was working on it all afternoon, until after dinner. So, I had electricity but no PC. As if I’m not tense enough. Good thing I have a fresh supply of smokes. ;-.. (lolol)


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