You Lost – Get Over It

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Obama can’t have Rahm Emmanuel as Chief Of Staff because it shows partisanship & he promised to be inclusive.

Obama isn’t really a citizen, won’t show his birth certificate & so can’t take office – sign the petition.

A Dem. Representative sponsored a bill that may be revived  when Obama takes office that will reinstate the draft for age eligible & forced community service for everyone else.

Russia has already decided to test Obama by threatening the US missile installations in Europe.

Never mind that O doesn’t take office for another 2+ months.

The lefties were all big meanies to Sarah Palin & that’s why the Republican ticket lost.

New dollar coins are being issued that have In God We Trust removed, a sure sign we are going to be a Godless nation now.

The anti-American/Islamic terrorist cells will be coming out of hiding come January because we will have a secret Muslim President who wants them to overthrow the country.

Everyone who voted for Obama is anti-American, wants to see the country destroyed, will burn in Hell for eternity, & we are all dumbass pigs.

The above & more is the wackiness that’s been hitting my Bulletin List for several weeks, & really ramped up the last 4 days. As I keep asking these people, why don’t you wait until Obama actually takes office before you decide he’s the worst thing that ever happened to this country? I guess it wouldn’t be as much fun then.

As my title says, You Lost – Get Over It. All your bitchin’ & moanin’ isn’t going to change the outcome, it’s a done deal.

So, STFU!!! 


Thank you.


About pegsiskatzencats

Middle aged cat lady, flaming liberal, gardener extrordinaire, I live for the Cubs, & HATE hot weather. Chicagoland native, I WILL RETURN!
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