Nazism, Fascism, Socialism, Marxism, Communism.

All the above have been thrown at President Obama specifically & Libs/Progs/Dems generally at least since the 2008 Presidential campaign. While they are all types of government/political thought, some are the Govt. taking over everything, some are “the People” taking over everything. So, it’s hard to be all the above at the same time. The one thing they have in common is ending in “ism”. Why are the critics using it all interchangeably – is it the “isms”? What is it about “ism” that upsets them so much? And then… it hit me!

It all reminds them of “jism”, which reminds them of “s – e – x “, which makes them uncomfortable, & so they get angry at the “ism” for making them uncomfortable & since black men are known for their “jism” & ability to give orgasms (more “isms”),

                        IT’S ALL OBAMA’S FAULT!!!

It all makes sense once you know the motivation. ; )

(A version of this was posted as a reply on Huffington Post sometime last year, if it looks familiar).


About pegsiskatzencats

Middle aged cat lady, flaming liberal, gardener extrordinaire, I live for the Cubs, & HATE hot weather. Chicagoland native, I WILL RETURN!
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