Why “Occupy Wall Street”? Seriously?

Now that the “Occupy Wall Street” people have FINALLY gotten some attention, the punditry are falling all over themselves trying to explain it, or figure it out. “What are their goals?” “What are their demands?” “What’s it all about?” (oh, all right… Alfieeeeee).

Seriously? All you bright people getting paid to investigate & report on these things haven’t a clue? Have you been on another planet, or just paying attention to the 5 people over there wearing funny hats with tea bags hanging from them & carrying mis-spelled signs?

Ok, to bring you up to speed: Remember those national elections we had in 2008? The ones where Democrats won everything from President on down to Dog Catcher? The ones where we “threw the bums out” / “corrected course” / said “NO MORE OF THE GOP BULLSHIT!”? Remember those? Yes? Good! Let’s continue.

Remember how those Dem majorities had to struggle to get 1/10th of legislation passed? Remember the Blue Dogs in the Senate & the Secret Holds & threats of Filibuster gumming up the works? Remember how certain GOP members kept asking “Where are the jobs”? Remember how “a message was sent”, but apparently never recieved? Yes? Good! Let’s continue.

Remember the 2010 elections, when some people were so mad at the President & the Dems for not “getting the message” (so they thought), they either stayed home or voted GOP to “send another message”? Remember how the GOP mantra was “Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!”? Remember how the GOP took over the House & took majorities at the State level? Remember how the GOP “got the message” & ran with it? Yes? Good! Let’s continue.

Remember all those jobs bills introduced by the GOP House? No? Good! THERE WEREN’T ANY. Remember all the jobs being sent overseas so “some” businesses could make even more profit? Remember the GOP voting against extending unemployment benefits? Against benefits for “First Responders” at the WTC/Ground Zero/Rah Rah America? Remember them voting against any tax increases, even when it was actually letting a tax cut expire? Remember the GOP leaders refusing any money to FEMA for several natural disasters, unless there was a corresponding cut in money to other programs? Yes? Good! Let’s continue.

One last “remember”: Remember how the previous Administration/Congress “bailed out” the major banks & financial houses to keep the economy from crashing? Remember how those institutions used some of that money to pay their debts, but a larger share to pay out bonuses to the top-tier? Remember how they got money from the taxpayers because they really aren’t into accounting, but then refused to make loans – of any sort? Not to re-fi mortgages, not to businesses which needed capital to meet payroll & stock inventory, nada. It was their money & they were keeping it. All the people who were losing homes because of overpriced mortgages, all the people losing their jobs (see previous), all the businesses having to close – too bad for you! Even though it was YOUR MONEY, you weren’t going to get squat out of the deal. Remember all that? Yes? Good! Let’s continue.

Now let’s think about this past April, in Madison, Wisconsin. People marched on the State Capitol to express their displeasure with the Governor’s plan to basically dismantle unions in the state (not the stated intent, but that would be the outcome). Did anyone save those involved (& a few thousand others) see this? Nope. Not important enough for any network coverage, apparently. 100k – 150k citizens peacefully protesting is a big snooze.

How about the last 2+ weeks, of “Occupy Wall Street”? Until some women were penned in & maced/pepper sprayed, not a peep out of the MSM. I guess the 20 available news crews were busy interviewing those 5 people with the funny hats & mis-spelled signs?

Still don’t get it? We voted in a majority & nobody “heard” us. We made calls, sent e-mails, sent letters, & nobody “heard” us. Perhaps with a physical presence, someone will finally “hear” us, AND see us. We want the politicians AND the money men who own them to know “we” are out here & we’ve had enough. To borrow the line from the much mourned Paddy Chayefsky:


See? It’s really not that hard to understand.


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Middle aged cat lady, flaming liberal, gardener extrordinaire, I live for the Cubs, & HATE hot weather. Chicagoland native, I WILL RETURN!
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7 Responses to Why “Occupy Wall Street”? Seriously?

  1. Thanks, Alan. It’s really making me nuts, “What do they want?” It’s not that hard to understand – at least for me.

  2. Jan Stanfield says:

    Well said, Peg!!

  3. Phoebe says:

    Nice post. I saw your link in your Huffington Post comment. Very well written. You said it all!

    • Thanks, Phoebe. šŸ˜€

      I could have gone on & on, bringing up the non-prosecution (or even investigation) of the previous Administration (*I’m* still pissed about Nixon!), or Citizens’ United, the bizarre Eminent Domain ruling, & etc., but didn’t want anyone’s eyes to glaze over. šŸ˜‰

  4. “AND the money men who own them…” Most cogent comment in a cogent post! You’re a TIGER!!!

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