Killing All The Right People

Of Guns In America, Sorry News Coverage, & Public Apathy

Way back in 1987, there was an episode of the program “Designing Women”, with the above title. A gay fellow designer asked the Women to design his funeral as he was dying of AIDS (back when it was a definite death sentence). An old friend/customer heard about it & smugly said the disease had one thing going for it, it was killing all the right people (because gay sex is an abomination, sinful, etc.).

A few weeks ago, there was a mass shooting (17) at a bar in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. If I hadn’t read about it from Twitter links, I never would have heard about it. 3 days later, there was another mass shooting (12 dead, 58 wounded) at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado. After a few days of non-stop coverage, the title phrase jumped into my head, wondering why no wall to wall coverage about the bar shooting? Did they deserve it, should they have expected it since they were in a bar?

2 days ago, another mass shooting, on a smaller scale (as if that should make a difference)at a Sikh Temple outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin – 7 dead, 3 injured. Non stop coverage, outrage from some quarters, although readers at Fox Nation considered the story Inspiring – go figure.

Some people said if it had been a Christian Church, there would have been more outrage. I thought back to the Black Christian Churches being bombed & torched back in the ’60s, so no. What about White Churches – that would make a difference in attitude? Remember a few years ago, Dr. Tiller was murdered in his White Christian Church? There was cheering in some quarters, because he provided late term abortions.

Then I got to thinking about the daily gun violence in this country. It was touched on during the Drs. press conference in Milwaukee yesterday, how 3 or more shooting victims a day coming into their Trauma Center is quite common.

Where is the outrage? Why is this not in the news every single day? Are gun fatalities a terrible thing only in certain situations? Do you deserve to die if you’re sitting in a bar, or have brown skin, or perform abortions? I would first think it’s that we’ve become so jaded about gun violence that it takes a mass shooting to shock us back into awareness. Except, there was no huge outcry (or coverage) after that bar shooting.

Is it because too many believe these shootings really ARE killing all the right people?


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