Or, What If The Students Had Been Armed?


This week, gun culture & responsibility have been in the news again (what a shock). Mostly because of the story of a 5 year old boy who accidentally shot his 2 year old sister with the kid sized rifle he was given recently. Mom was at home, but outside when the event occurred. It’s been ruled an accident.


Much gnashing of teeth over gun mfgrs. making & marketing “My First Rifle” to small children, & rightly so. Some things don’t belong in the hands of children: guns, alcohol, tobacco products (remember the hoo-ha about Joe Camel being used to sucker the kiddies into the nicotine habit?), drugs, etc. I agree with the outrage, but put the blame squarely on the parents or legal guardians.


Why? It’s one thing to teach a child to shoot a gun; in many areas, this is considered clean, wholesome, family fun. Take the kids hunting or to the range for target practice? Go for it. It’s another thing to think the 5 year old has any concept of what “killing” & “dead” are. These are unformed people who still believe wishing will make something so, who have a blurry line between fantasy & reality. Expecting a small child to understand pointing his cute little gun at someone, then pulling the trigger, may cause injury or death (and understanding those concepts) is preposterous.


WHY was the gun not locked away in a cabinet where the child couldn’t get to it without supervision? If there wasn’t a place to safely store it, WHY was there no lock on the gun itself? A small child picking up a gun, saying Bang! Bang! while playing Soldier, or Cowboy, or Hunter is common & to be expected – having it be a real gun with real ammo isn’t. This truly was a tragedy waiting to happen. (It also happened in Ak. this week, not getting as much Press coverage).


The usual suspects have all declared “This is not the time to discuss gun control or assign blame! These parents are grieving & hurting!” The HELL it isn’t! If a parent had a pot of boiling water on the stove & a toddler pulled it down on herself & suffered burns over most of her body, there would be outrage, charges of neglect, the parents investigated, & the kids probably taken away. Leave an unsecured/unlocked/loaded mini gun out where the child owner can get to it whenever he wants – without supervision – & that’s ok? I don’t think so! These parents should be brought up on charges. Period.


The NRA is holding their convention this week, it happens to be here in Houston. Of course speakers have chimed in about loony liberals & just another excuse for Obama to take your guns. Gawd forbid there be anything resembling introspection, or even just thought.


Today is the 43rd anniversary of the Kent State Shootings, where the National Guard was sent to keep the peace during an anti-war protest – armed with M1 rifles with fixed bayonets – & instead killed 4 students & injured 9 others.

I was musing on what would have happened if the Kent State students had been armed? Most of the “Establishment” (including our parents) deemed the actions of the Guard “a good thing”, because those kids were getting out of hand & trying to tear down the country. Oh, & were all Communists, too. What if, in that atmosphere, the campus had open carry? What if, the students had fired back? Would gun control have been passed immediately, because the wrong element was getting guns? Would there be any discussion about who could have military grade weapons, about 2nd Amendment Rights, about 2nd Amendment Remedies? I don’t believe there would be.


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