Which Side Of The Fence? Tired of BS Forwards

Another RW Forward On My FaceBook Page

I generally ignore this stuff, but not today. My reply to the person who posted this:

Point 1: Democrats want to ban assault & automatic weapons. Lots of Dems own lots of guns. YES! Really!

Point 2: I call BS on this. Where would anyone get such an idea?

Point 3: No one demands legislated respect, we demand equal rights for all – period.

Point 4: I didn’t think there were any down & out Republicans? They keep voting for the people who will screw over any one who isn’t them, so they must all be rich. The rest, BS.

Point 5: Golly! You mean like when Letterman got the name of the Palin daughter wrong & everyone on the Right was INCENSED! & tried to get him cancelled? Like that?

Point 6: No, we go by the Constitution as written – keep your religion out of our government, government stays out of your religion (you know, the reason religious institutions pay no taxes?)

Point 7: As a rule, when one needs “health care”, there’s no time to go shopping for it, so again BS. Unless you mean Health INSURANCE? Guess what, we shop around, too.

Point 8: No, Dems would forward this too, because we’d all be laughing at AND feeling sorry for the people who are stupid & sheeplike enough to believe it.

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Killing All The Right People

Of Guns In America, Sorry News Coverage, & Public Apathy

Way back in 1987, there was an episode of the program “Designing Women”, with the above title. A gay fellow designer asked the Women to design his funeral as he was dying of AIDS (back when it was a definite death sentence). An old friend/customer heard about it & smugly said the disease had one thing going for it, it was killing all the right people (because gay sex is an abomination, sinful, etc.).

A few weeks ago, there was a mass shooting (17) at a bar in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. If I hadn’t read about it from Twitter links, I never would have heard about it. 3 days later, there was another mass shooting (12 dead, 58 wounded) at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado. After a few days of non-stop coverage, the title phrase jumped into my head, wondering why no wall to wall coverage about the bar shooting? Did they deserve it, should they have expected it since they were in a bar?

2 days ago, another mass shooting, on a smaller scale (as if that should make a difference)at a Sikh Temple outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin – 7 dead, 3 injured. Non stop coverage, outrage from some quarters, although readers at Fox Nation considered the story Inspiring – go figure.

Some people said if it had been a Christian Church, there would have been more outrage. I thought back to the Black Christian Churches being bombed & torched back in the ’60s, so no. What about White Churches – that would make a difference in attitude? Remember a few years ago, Dr. Tiller was murdered in his White Christian Church? There was cheering in some quarters, because he provided late term abortions.

Then I got to thinking about the daily gun violence in this country. It was touched on during the Drs. press conference in Milwaukee yesterday, how 3 or more shooting victims a day coming into their Trauma Center is quite common.

Where is the outrage? Why is this not in the news every single day? Are gun fatalities a terrible thing only in certain situations? Do you deserve to die if you’re sitting in a bar, or have brown skin, or perform abortions? I would first think it’s that we’ve become so jaded about gun violence that it takes a mass shooting to shock us back into awareness. Except, there was no huge outcry (or coverage) after that bar shooting.

Is it because too many believe these shootings really ARE killing all the right people?

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Of Pussies, Cunts, Bitches, & Hos

Or, If My Genitalia Is So Distasteful, Why Are You Always After It?

A few months ago, Ed Schultz of MSNBC made a comment on his non-MSNBC related radio show insulting a Right leaning radio host. He called her a “Right Wing Slut”. The blogosphere & media went nuts, HOW DARE HE???!!! He was suspended from his tv program for a week, even though he made the comment on his radio show.

The crime? Calling a woman a slut. I’m guessing he meant to say “Fame Whore” or “Media Whore”, which would have earned the same reaction. If he had made the comment about a man, it would have been “understood” & let pass. Call a woman a female related derogatory name & all Hell breaks loose.

It got me wondering once again why it’s ok to use female based pejoratives toward men, but not toward women – why it’s ok to use them at all? Call a man a “pussy” or a group you dislike/disagree with “pussies”, & it’s understood to mean they are cowards, are weak, aren’t MANLY MEN.Therefore, they must be “womanish”.

Excuse me? I’m a woman, I have what’s popularly referred to as a “pussy”/”cunt”/”snatch”/”box”/take your pick. I’m neither weak nor a coward, I’m not mentally defective or irrational (not even on certain days of the month), & find it highly insulting that the genitalia assigned to my gender is used as an insult – to anyone.

That brings me to some other words & phrases which are part of our lingo: He hits/throws like a girl. EEK! The ultimate insult in sports Why? I’ve seen plenty of girls & women out hit & have more accurate aim than many boys & men. Heck, I’m stronger than a lot of the male customers who come here. I’ll carry a 17” CRT monitor in one arm while they’re struggling to walk carrying with both arms. Why? I do it a lot, have built up my arm muscles. Female athletes build the muscles they need for their sports & could easily out-do non-athletic men at that sport. It isn’t a matter of genitals or hormones.

How about “That woman is a cunt”? She’s only labia & clitoris with legs? Quick, call Geraldo! Seriously, how did calling a woman her genitals become an insult? It’s thinking a woman is ONLY her genitals that’s the insult. No penis & testicles? You’re not worthy of living (or even just respect).

Then there’s the recent habit of women (mostly teen girls) calling their friends their Bitches. You hang with female dogs? I think you need a new crew. I’m guessing this comes from Hip Hop culture, where all women are Bitches or Hos. Again, a female is only good for bedding, then get back in the closet until you’re needed again. Oh, yeah – I wanna be a part of that.

Do men subconsciously equate the female genitals with being castrated (totally)? Is that why all the female related insults directed toward their brothers? I honestly have no idea. If it makes them feel any better, I’ve read the genitalia is actually the same, except the female testes are inside (ovaries) & the penis is compacted to the clitoris*. And we do pretty good with our compact versions. ūüėČ

* Similarities At Conception & Birth

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Why “Occupy Wall Street”? Seriously?

Now that the “Occupy Wall Street” people have FINALLY gotten some attention, the punditry are falling all over themselves trying to explain it, or figure it out. “What are their goals?” “What are their demands?” “What’s it all about?” (oh, all right… Alfieeeeee).

Seriously? All you bright people getting paid to investigate & report on these things haven’t a clue? Have you been on another planet, or just paying attention to the 5 people over there wearing funny hats with tea bags hanging from them & carrying mis-spelled signs?

Ok, to bring you up to speed: Remember those national elections we had in 2008? The ones where Democrats won everything from President on down to Dog Catcher? The ones where we “threw the bums out” / “corrected course” / said “NO MORE OF THE GOP BULLSHIT!”? Remember those? Yes? Good! Let’s continue.

Remember how those Dem majorities had to struggle to get 1/10th of legislation passed? Remember the Blue Dogs in the Senate & the Secret Holds & threats of Filibuster gumming up the works? Remember how certain GOP members kept asking “Where are the jobs”? Remember how “a message was sent”, but apparently never recieved? Yes? Good! Let’s continue.

Remember the 2010 elections, when some people were so mad at the President & the Dems for not “getting the message” (so they thought), they either stayed home or voted GOP to “send another message”? Remember how the GOP mantra was “Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!”? Remember how the GOP took over the House & took majorities at the State level? Remember how the GOP “got the message” & ran with it? Yes? Good! Let’s continue.

Remember all those jobs bills introduced by the GOP House? No? Good! THERE WEREN’T ANY. Remember all the jobs being sent overseas so “some” businesses could make even more profit? Remember the GOP voting against extending unemployment benefits? Against benefits for “First Responders” at the WTC/Ground Zero/Rah Rah America? Remember them voting against any tax increases, even when it was actually letting a tax cut expire? Remember the GOP leaders refusing any money to FEMA for several natural disasters, unless there was a corresponding cut in money to other programs? Yes? Good! Let’s continue.

One last “remember”: Remember how the previous Administration/Congress “bailed out” the major banks & financial houses to keep the economy from crashing? Remember how those institutions used some of that money to pay their debts, but a larger share to pay out bonuses to the top-tier? Remember how they got money from the taxpayers because they really aren’t into accounting, but then refused to make loans – of any sort? Not to re-fi mortgages, not to businesses which needed capital to meet payroll & stock inventory, nada. It was their money & they were keeping it. All the people who were losing homes because of overpriced mortgages, all the people losing their jobs (see previous), all the businesses having to close – too bad for you! Even though it was YOUR MONEY, you weren’t going to get squat out of the deal. Remember all that? Yes? Good! Let’s continue.

Now let’s think about this past April, in Madison, Wisconsin. People marched on the State Capitol to express their displeasure with the Governor’s plan to basically dismantle unions in the state (not the stated intent, but that would be the outcome). Did anyone save those involved (& a few thousand others) see this? Nope. Not important enough for any network coverage, apparently. 100k – 150k citizens peacefully protesting is a big snooze.

How about the last 2+ weeks, of “Occupy Wall Street”? Until some women were penned in & maced/pepper sprayed, not a peep out of the MSM. I guess the 20 available news crews were busy interviewing those 5 people with the funny hats & mis-spelled signs?

Still don’t get it? We voted in a majority & nobody “heard” us. We made calls, sent e-mails, sent letters, & nobody “heard” us. Perhaps with a physical presence, someone will finally “hear” us, AND see us. We want the politicians AND the money men who own them to know “we” are out here & we’ve had enough. To borrow the line from the much mourned Paddy Chayefsky:


See? It’s really not that hard to understand.

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To Hell In A Handbasket

Good concept, poor execution. (but it gets the point across). ūüėÄ

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Why A Christian Liberal Might Have A “Problem” With Same Sex Marriage

“Friends, we are gathered together in the sight of God to witness and bless the joining together of Name¬†and Name in Christian marriage.

The covenant of marriage was established by God, who created us male and female for each other.

With his presence and power Jesus graced a wedding at Cana of Galilee, and in his sacrificial love gave us the example for the love of husband and wife.¬† Name and Name come to give themselves to one another in this holy covenant.”
– From The Methodist Wedding Ceremony

This is generally what the Protestant Wedding Ceremonies declare, with some adding that Marriage was established for the purpose of procreation (which is hinted at above). While never explicitly sermonized (at least not in MY church, in the 1960s), sermons that touched on marriage or the family were quite clear about the Man & Woman thing.

I quit going to Church when I was 14, when I had moved to the South & found the Christians to be anything but Christ-like in their behavior. I was always taught it was the duty of every Christian to behave in as Christ-like a manner as possible. We’ll never be as good as Him, but we can strive. To see people saying “Praise The Lord!” every 5 minutes (even out of Church)¬†and then talk about the GD N-Words in casual conversation didn’t square with how I had been taught.

I never took the Bible literally (Methuselah lived to be 969? Really? In the days when 40 was considered old?), taking much as allegory or mistranslations – still do. But, that declaration of “Marriage” being for a Man & a Woman & for the purpose of procreation stuck. Never mind “marriage” was instituted as a transference of Property (the Bride & Dowry) from one family to another, it stuck.

For years I was uncomfortable with the idea of Gay Marriage, because it wouldn’t be a man & a woman and it obviously wouldn’t be for the purpose of procreation. I asked why not Domestic Partnership or Civil Union? Have the same Rights as Straight Marrieds, but leave the word “Marriage” for the religious sacrament. The State would recognize the CU partners as having the same Rights as Straight Marrieds. Reserve “Marriage” for a Man & a Woman.

Consciously, I knew it was wrong to deny ANY Rights to anyone, but those Religious teachings Рpart of my entire value system Рwere hard to beat back with Reason. I finally managed it several years ago. Because of this, I was able to react with joy on Friday night when New York State passed a Same Sex Marriage law. It felt good & it felt right. 

I’m sure¬†other Christian Liberals will eventually let Reason triumph over Belief – evolution & open-mindedness are hallmarks of the Liberal character.

¬†Don’t get mad if they don’t do it as quickly as you’d like.

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Nazism, Fascism, Socialism, Marxism, Communism.

All the above have been thrown at President Obama specifically & Libs/Progs/Dems generally at least since the 2008 Presidential campaign. While they are all types of government/political thought, some are the Govt. taking over everything, some are “the People” taking over everything. So, it’s hard to be all the above at the same time. The one thing they have in common is ending in “ism”. Why are the critics using it all interchangeably – is it the “isms”? What is it about “ism” that upsets them so much? And then… it hit me!

It all reminds them of “jism”, which reminds them of “s – e – x “, which makes them uncomfortable, & so they get angry at the “ism” for making them uncomfortable & since black men are known for their “jism” & ability to give orgasms (more “isms”),

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† IT’S ALL OBAMA’S FAULT!!!

It all makes sense once you know the motivation. ; )

(A version of this was posted as a reply on Huffington Post sometime last year, if it looks familiar).

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